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Learn more: Citizens in Tennessee are being asked by government workers to divulge details about their preparedness plans in a door-to-door “assessment” program reported by Janet Kim from local news channel 5 (…). During this assessment, government workers ask residents 22 questions about their preparedness status. NaturalNews has confirmed through reliable sources that these include questions about emergency food supplies.

Fortunately, this effort is being done by a Tennessee group of state employees who are widely recognized throughout the preparedness community as being “good guys” who are truly just trying to help people get prepared. They are not interested in confiscation or anything of the kind, according to our sources. It’s a local community preparedness support effort.

On another front, three days ago Oath Keepers reported that their chapter president in Tennessee was told by a local cannery federal agents were demanding customer lists (…). This account quickly went viral across alternative news websites, and the news exploded across the ‘net.

The Tennessee cannery that originally relayed that account to Oath Keepers has backed off their account and is now telling customers who call that federal agents never visited their cannery. Oath Keepers has posted an update confirming this (…).

The change in this first-hand account has many people scratching their heads, as this story was confirmed face-to-face by none other than Oath Keepers Tennessee Chapter President Sgt. Rand Cardwell, a USMC veteran (Desert Storm) with a solid reputation. There is virtually no possibility that Sgt. Rand Cardwell invented this story, as he is widely known to be a trustworthy individual who honorably served his country as a U.S. Marine.

A far more likely explanation may be found in the Patriot Act itself, which features a sneak-and-peek with a gag order provision that allows federal agents to conduct searches of any facility and then gag the witnesses from speaking about it for at least one year, after which they may challenge the gag order. The existence of this sneak-and-peek gag order is widely acknowledged and easily verified through common web searches. Even NPR reported on it several years ago:…

Another possibility is that the original source at the Tennessee cannery may have been instructed to remain silent by higher ups either within their own organization or, theoretically, the Mormon Church with which the cannery is affiliated. This is only speculation, of course. We no longer have access to any further fact-checking because nobody from that cannery is talking. NaturalNews has long admired the preparedness philosophy of the Mormon Church and its members, most of which are far better prepared for an economic collapse than people of any other organized religion.

Who is getting prepared? The smart folks

The bottom line is that government officials are taking a curious interest all of a sudden in the preparedness status of the American people. Whether for innocent reasons or for nefarious purposes, this is a new focus of both state and federal government, and it indicates that somebody up the chain of command is very interested in knowing WHO is preparing and HOW they’re getting prepared.

My advice to NaturalNews readers is to connect with a Mormon cannery in your area and help support their operations. Such canneries frequently offer food storage skills and advice, in addition to offering you quality stored goods at affordable prices. Most Mormon-run canneries graciously open their doors to people of any religious denomination, and for that they deserve tremendous credit.

NaturalNews will continue to investigate this story and bring you any important developments. In the mean time, we encourage all our readers, in Tennessee and elsewhere, to get yourself prepared for what’s coming. Because there will very likely come a day when the federal government begins to look at stored food, cash, and ammunition as “signs of terrorism.” The government already flags people who “pay with cash” as being engaged in suspicious activity — just try to buy an airplane ticket with cash and see what happens if you don’t believe me. Similarly, those who buy quantities of firearms are already being flagged and tracked by the ATF. The federal government runs elaborate infiltration and spying schemes to ensnare raw milk farmers (…).

For that same government to start asking questions about who has stored food isn’t even a stretch. It fits their pattern of spying on their own people even as the government tries to encroach upon more freedoms we all once took for granted.

Stay prepared, folks. The economic tsunami is headed our way, and there’s a whole lotta paper currency that may end up being worth no more than the paper it’s printed on. For now, I think it’s safe to purchase stored food without drawing too much attention to yourself, but you’ll probably get a much better value if you buy it locally from regional canneries where you don’t have to pay the large shipping costs.

Do I have 5-gallon buckets full of spelt and brown rice? You bet I do. And I got ‘em from a Mormon cannery in Idaho.

Growing and Heating in a Greenhouse

December 14, 2011 3:26 pm | No Comments

I live in Northern Utah so our days are really short this time of year. I just started seed again a few weeks ago, and I simulate longer warmer days for these new seedings from germination till about 3 weeks.
To do this, I put a 4′ flourescent light almost touching the flat. This flat has a clear plastic dome over it, to keep the heat in and let the light in.
Flourescent lighting gives off a little heat, but I heat my greenhouse by using roofing cables that are used for melting snow on the edge of the roof.
I run them back and forth under the beds and put them on a timer to come on about 5pm and go off about 8am. They are waterproof and use very little energy. They could be hooked up to a solar panel.
If I am expecting it to be below 10 degrees, I will put a little radiator type heater in the greenhouse, on a timer to come on when the sun goes down.
If it is going to be below zero and windy, I will cover the plants with a layer of bubblewrap or 6 mil plastic as another barrier. I haven’t had to do this very often though. You could just use the second layer if you don’t have a really cold climate, without additional heat. Greenhouses and plants,collect heat in the day, and use it in the night to stay warm.
The North wall of my greenhouse has insulation foam to help keep the heat in also.
This has worked really well for the past few years.

100% Homegrown

December 12, 2011 11:18 am | No Comments

In the pursuit of providing a self sufficient lifestyle in these troubled times, we have so many options that we don’t think we are capable of, but are really quite easy if you take one step at a time.

I always thought gardening started on my last freeze date in May, but I have come to learn that if I prepare a little in the fall, and even through the winter, we can eat out of our garden, cold frames and small greenhouse year round providing enough nutritious, organically grown food for three or more families depending on the time of year.

One thing I do is till and prepare a couple of rows for planting in the fall, then I cover the bed with grass clippings and leave it till spring.

The beauty of these beds is that if we have a really wet spring, where it is too muddy to get in and walk or dig, I can still hand trowel a little hole and put in lettuce and spinach starts and peas. All of which love cool wet weather.

I have greens in a month, even when there is still snow coming every once in a while.

EMP – Faraday Cage

December 10, 2011 9:30 am | No Comments

This is a fantastic approach.  Simple construction and easy to obtain the parts.

FOR THE TECHNO SCIENCE PEOPLE:  See detailed information here:

Story at a Glance – Flouridation

December 3, 2011 8:29 am | No Comments

  • In the past 13 months, 31 communities in Canada (10), New Zealand (2) and the U.S. (19) have voted to stop fluoridating their water supplies. The total number of people freed from forced fluoridaiton in this period is over 2.5 million. Meanwhile, councilors are pushing for the discontinuation of fluoridation in New York City.
  • Fluoride is a toxic drug. Fluoridating water is reckless, as you cannot control the dose ingested, or who receives it, and there’s no medical supervision. Water fluoridation clearly violates the individual’s right to informed consent to medicine
  • The Fluoride Action Network (FAN) urges communities to pressure local water departments to place a warning on the water bill, stating that parents should not use fluoridated water to mix baby formula. Other action items are also specified
  • There are now 25 studies showing that fluoride is associated with IQ reduction, even at fluoride levels as low as 0.3 to 3 parts per million, which overlaps the range in many American communities (0.7 to 1.2 ppm). FAN argues that it is reckless to expose a baby to up to 300 times more fluoride than present in mothers’ milk (0.004 ppm).

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