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Our General Store…Fruit and TP…Are the Faces of Self Reliance Changing?

This past week I had an interesting discussion with a twenty two year old woman. She is the mom of a very adorable little boy and has a great husband. She is a college graduate and a stay at home mom. A few months ago she and her honey were having a well deserved night out and headed for a movie. All of the sudden she had the overwhelming feeling their family needed to begin working much harder and much faster on becoming self reliant and prepared for any challenge or disaster that may come their way. She related that the feeling was so strong she wanted to turn the car around, go home, and get started then! Over the next few weeks she discovered others of her peers had also been having these prompting and warnings to get prepared, NOW.

I was recently honored to help with the wedding and reception of a couple I adore. The bride is twenty two and the groom twenty three. They are headed off to college in a few months and are working very hard to leave prepared with food storage, an emergency kit for themselves and their car and items such as canners and Dutch ovens. I have spent several days helping her learn to can. Last Friday we began sewing lessons. Again, they are feeling an urgency.

Have you been seeing this trend as well? With the disappearance of Home Economics and Shop classes and the 50 something generation failing to teach skills to their children we have a generation who is not capable of understanding how to become self reliant. Are they beginning to understand the huge disadvantage this is to them? Are they beginning to realize the government is not capable of taking care of everyone? Are they beginning to understand they do not want the government making decisions about how to raise, feed, clothe and educate their children? It is my hope that you are sharing all you are learning with those who are 20 something in your lives. I have been impressed that they are showing far more maturity and concern then many of their parent’s generation.

So, if you are 20 or 30 something and have that feeling of urgency please let us help. Anyone and everyone can prepare no matter their education level, age, location, or income. Self reliance is about consistent effort, not about money or having a ton of wheat in the garage. It is amazing the peace you feel as you prepare.

This is week 34 of our General Store review. When we finish this year we will move on to another method of preparing so be sure to stay current with the additions to your store and if you are behind or just beginning you can find the Fifty Two Week Plan in the March 2009 Totally Ready Newsletter.

It’s time to add five cans of fruit per family member to your store. If you are canning your own one pint equals one can. If you are freezing one pound equals two cans. ake advantage of all the fruit available right now before it’s gone.

I told you last week I had 22 visitors in my home for a week and I discovered some of my storage needs to be re-thougtht. I have gotten more aluminum foil and more disinfectant cleaners since the gang left. As I went about cleaning this week I discovered all those extra rolls of TP in the bathroom cupboards had been used. I still have more stored on my General Store shelves but it was a wake up call that if all my family came here during a disaster my TP would only last a few weeks, not months. So, to you I say, this week store more TP. It doesn’t expire and will be great to trade if the time comes that you need something you failed to stock or if you need a service you don’t have the skills to provide for yourself.

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