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Late Thursday, March 3, Oregon Freeze Dry, the parent of Mountain House, shutdown its remaining can-dealer network until further notice in order to try to get a grip on their overwhelming backorder situation. It will likely be several months before we can offer MH cans for sale again. Pouches remain available, though for how long is uncertain.

None of this should come as a shock to Safecastle Royal members … we have been shining the light down the tunnel for you for the last six months. If you will allow me the freedom to express my opinion on what comes next, we are now at a point where things are about to go critical.

I consider emergency storage food to be an early market indicator for the food industry in general. I won’t go into all the details, but with the panic-level buying in this market niche by consumers for the last 6 months now at the point of saturation of those production capacities, I look for your local grocers to start to see food runs of some limited fashion soon in the areas of canned goods that will store well and hold value.

Food prices are escalating at the grocery stores and incomes are not. People are clearly recognizing the wisdom in locking up a food supply at today’s prices. They are doing their best to stock up, no matter the cost at this point (meaning they are buying in huge volumes at a time). From where we sit–these folks new to preparedness are making a a very strong statement about where they think our nation is headed.

I do expect the overflow demand from the MH shutdown to directly spill over to all these other foods now. These other brands such as Yoders, Honeyville, Grandmas Country, Future Essentials, Bega, Red Feather, and American Family Supply will be hard pressed to deal with the demand that is about to hit them.

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