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By Paul Proctor
December 29, 2010

Don’t wait until it’s too late!

Well, we’ve almost reached the end of another year. Much has been written and published by a host of commentators about the ominous signs ahead for our country’s government, economy, health and spirituality. In my near eleven years of writing a regular column, I can safely say that things have dramatically changed in all four of these categories – and not for the better. But, that’s not really news.

There seem to be two kinds of people in our world today: those who are preparing for the inevitable and those who are, for whatever reason, ignoring it. The warnings are everywhere. They’re like blaring civil defense sirens that never shut off. You would think everyone could hear them – but only a few have responded. The rest just continue on as they always have, unaffected by the unrelenting sound of the sirens. Have you ever considered what your life would be like without just one modern day element, like electricity? In the 1800s it wouldn’t have been a big deal; but here in 2010, it would be catastrophic.

Remember that strange missile that soared through the sky unannounced and undeterred off the coast of California recently? If a small nuclear device had been aboard one of those and detonated high enough over Middle America, chances are, most, if not all of our country would have gone dark and stayed dark for months or years. And, many of the things we take for granted every day that are powered by electricity would have been indefinitely shut down, having had the insides fried by an electromagnetic pulse generated from the explosion.

Forget the abrupt halt that would have come to Wall Street and Main Street, not to mention our out-of-service cell phones, telephones, televisions, radios, computers, traffic lights, streetlights, coffee makers, microwave ovens, hairdryers and all those plug-in appliances we rely on each day to keep and prepare food for our families.

What do you think powers all the pumps and filtering systems that keep “clean” water coming into your house, condominium or apartment? Imagine life without drinking water and running water for showers and flushing toilets. Guess you could build a little outhouse in the back yard or alleyway if you’re not the shy type and your neighbors don’t object. But, don’t build it around any nearby creeks or ditches because that may be where you have to go for water to drink – that is, if you don’t mind the taste of fertilizer, weed killer and animal feces.

Think there will be plenty of bottled water for you to buy at the grocery store when the power goes out? Even if any are open for business or have anything left on the shelves, you’ll need lots of cash to make your purchases since today’s registers and payment card systems are all electronic and computerized. Remember, those ATM machines are electronic and computerized too, so if you don’t already have plenty of cash on hand, you’ll probably be without the means to purchase food, water or anything else when the grid goes down.

Maybe you have some non-electronic items around the house you could take with you to the store to barter with. Not really sure you’ll have many takers though. After all – it is food and water we’re talking about here and supplies would be limited. And, that’s assuming your highly computerized automobile will even start or run to get you there. I suppose you could ride your bicycle to the store if you have one – if it’s not freezing or icy outside. But, I really don’t think you’d be able to carry much back home with you on that bike anyway.

Logic suggests that when the power goes out for an extended period of time, desperation will eventually lead to growing violence and theft as a means to survive. Are you prepared for that? I’m not trying to frighten anyone here. I’m just trying to point out how easily, quickly and dramatically things can change under certain circumstances and how important it is that we all thoughtfully and carefully prepare ahead of time – not wait to see what happens.

And if you think the government will help you under these conditions, remember, they’re going to be without electricity too and many of the electronic and computerized systems, equipment and devices it runs.

But the most important inevitability we should prepare for is our own demise. If you do not know Jesus Christ as your Lord and Savior – the One who gave His life on that cross 2000 year ago to pay for your sins and mine, then I encourage you to get on your knees right now in repentance and faith and confess that you are lost, dead in your sins and in desperate need of His salvation. Believe on the Lord Jesus Christ and receive the forgiveness of sins and the everlasting life only He can provide. None of us know how much time we have left in this life or whether we will even survive another night – much less the difficult years ahead. Heed the call right now and surrender your heart and life over to the only begotten Son of God. Don’t wait for another time, another invitation or another opportunity, because it may not come. Faith doesn’t procrastinate or panic – it prepares.

“For whosoever shall call upon the name of the Lord shall be saved.” – Romans 10:13

© 2010 Paul Proctor – All Rights Reserved

Fighting Colds

December 22, 2010 1:20 pm | No Comments

A robust immune system is dependent on a number of lifestyle and environmental factors, but the most common factors are:

Optimized vitamin D levels – Research has confirmed that “catching” colds and flu may actually be a symptom of an underlying vitamin D deficiency. Less than optimal vitamin D levels will significantly impair your immune response and make you far more susceptible to contracting colds, influenza, and other respiratory infections.
In the largest and most nationally representative study of its kind to date, people with the lowest vitamin D levels reported having significantly more recent colds or cases of the flu — and the risk was even greater for those with chronic respiratory disorders like asthma.
I strongly believe you could avoid colds and influenza entirely by maintaining your vitamin D level in the optimal range. Vitamin D is an amazingly effective antimicrobial agent, producing 200 to 300 different antimicrobial peptides in your body that kill both bacteria and viruses.

Avoiding sugar and grains — If you feel yourself coming down with a cold or flu, this is NOT the time to eat sugar, grains, artificial sweeteners or processed foods. Sugar is particularly damaging to your immune system — which needs to be ramped up, not suppressed, in order to combat an emerging infection.

Getting proper rest — If you aren’t getting enough sleep, or enough restorative sleep, you’ll be at increased risk for a hostile viral takeover. Your immune system is also the most effective when you’re not sleep-deprived, so the more rested you are the quicker you’ll recover. You can find 33 secrets for a good night’s sleep here.

Effectively addressing emotional stressors — Emotional stressors can predispose you to an infection and make cold symptoms worse.

Finding ways to manage daily stress as well as your reactions to circumstances beyond your control will contribute to a strong and resilient immune system. My favorite tool for this is the Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT), a system that helps balance your body’s subtle energies and repair emotional “short-circuits.” EFT may even help you overcome cold symptoms.

Regular exercise – Regular exercise is a crucial strategy for increasing your resistance to illness. There is evidence that regular, moderate exercise can reduce your risk for respiratory illness by boosting your immune system.

In fact, one study found that people who exercised regularly (five or more days a week) cut their risk of having a cold by close to 50 percent. Exercise likely cuts your risk of colds so significantly because it triggers a rise in immune system cells that can attack any potential invaders.

  1. Things to do IF you get a cold:

The inner bark of the Slippery Elm, when mixed with water, it becomes a slick gel. This gel is rich with antioxidants and coats your throat, stomach lining and intestines.

Herbal Tea

Making a tea from the herb Echinacea may help fight the common cold. Goldenseal tea helps treat respiratory tract infections, eye infections and even yeast infections. Hot ginger or elderberry tea can help soothe a sore throat.


If you have a sore throat, try gargling with a honey mixture.

Nasal Saline Rinse

A natural nasal saline irrigates your nose and helps clear thick mucus and relieve pressure from your sinuses.


Steam can moisturize your nasal passages and will help the pressure from your sinuses.

White and Cider Vinegar

Wearing a pair of cotton socks soaked in white vinegar is an old, natural remedy that is still used today to reduce a fever.

White Willow

White willow is a natural anti-inflammatory and fever reducing remedy.

Chicken Noodle Soup

Chicken noodle soup has been medically proven to help cure a cold or fever. It is most effective if the soup is made with actual chicken bones in the broth.


Here’s one folk remedy to cure a cough or chest cold — chop raw pieces of garlic and mix it with olive oil. Let the mixture sit for a half hour, and then rub the mixture on the bottoms of your feet and cover with socks. The garlic will be absorbed by your skin.


Ginseng can help cure a cold or the flu, as well as prevent future colds if taken as a daily supplement.

Freeze Dried Food Finds and More

December 14, 2010 2:46 pm | No Comments

For those looking to get more food storage small or large, I have found a few good sources.  Costco is a great source for small and large quantities.  They also have groups of  freeze dried vegetablesfruits, wheats or cheeses in the smaller quanities, etc. at great prices with shipping included.  They start as low as $39.99.

Also, I have found Emergency Essentials to have good group discounts on different freeze dried products every month.  For December you can get a #10 can of freeze dried raspberries for $20.00 with a minimum of 6 or freeze dried beef teriyaki with rice #10 can for $22.00 with a minimum of 6.  Then you can get free shipping on the rest of you order with the purchase of the group specials.  I have found a great freeze dried cheese group #2 that has 6- #10 cans of cheddar, colby, and monterey for 179.99.  That is less then even costco at $199.99.  You can order a catalog and get on their email list for the group specials ever month.

Another source I found that is wonderful for so many items, even the ones I hadn’t thought about, is a place called Walton Feed in Idaho.  It may be a little drive but it would be well worth it if you have a large order.  They do ship also and you just go into the link at the top of their website that says SHOP to find the products you want.  They have sprouts ,  dried products, seeds, etc. at a great price.

Then you could stop by Gossner in Logan, Utah for their ready to drink milk (stored normal like the rest of your food storage on the shelf) and we have had ours for years.   It is nice to just open the milk and drink instead of the dry milk.  It tastes good and our kids love the small flavored containers you can buy.  I think our favorite is cookies and cream.  We miss not having these places close anymore now that we live back east.

Happy planning,


The Madness of a Lost Society

December 14, 2010 10:24 am | No Comments

Not only is rainwater harvesting an excellent alternative source for emergency water but it is also high octane for your landscaping.  When you’re not using this as an emergency water source your plants will love it.  You’ll see greener foliage and more vibrant colored flowers.

You’ll need to go to the Texas A&M Rainwater Harvesting site to complete this challenge.  Remember do not use “www” when typing in the below web address.

Challenge Resources:

  1. Rainwater Harvesting Videos:
  1. Do not use “www” when entering the above URL.
  1. ARCSA (Certified Rainwater System Installers)

Here’s your challenge:

  1. Go to the Texas A & M Rainwater Harvesting site.

Click on Images & Video tab in the menu bar and scroll down to the bottom of the page.

  1. View the Rainwater Capture Introduction video.  Use the small version if you have a slow connection.
  1. View the Rain Barn video.
  1. View the Rainwater Capture on the Freeman Ranch video.
  1. View the Rainwater Capture on a Greenhouse video.
  1. View the Rainwater Capture on the Menard Showbarn video.
  1. View the Rainwater Capture with a Rainbarrel video.

Don’t forget to go to our Blog and download this challenge and reflection to score your progress.  The link can be found at the bottom of the challenge.

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