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As I watch the news today the Stock Market is currently down 259 points after the consumer confidence report was released. I know my confidence is down and after the G8 summit where the United States was shot down  it appears the rest of the world has lost confidence in the U.S. economy as well. The conference voted to “require” all member nations to reduce spending. Not what our president wanted to hear but what I believe most Americans do want, not only to hear but to see implemented. I also notice some in Congress are backing off the financial reform bill a bit. I hope that is real and not just another ploy to get something for their vote. More and more I find myself looking at my General Store and being so….thankful that I am preparing. Notice I didn’t say prepared. It is an ongoing process and anything you and I have done is important.

There is a storm brewing in the gulf which if it becomes the CAT 3 hurricane they fear will cause massive damage and while clean up may provide some much needed jobs those jobs will be paid out of our taxes and will be another excuse for raising them even more.

For those who are new or who are just beginning to catch the visions now is the time to ramp up your efforts.  Some economists are now predicting high inflation is on the horizon. When others are eating their $1.29 veggies we will be eating the ones we purchased at much better prices. There will still be sales and we will be the ones who can wait to replace food when it is on sale.

from “Totally Ready”

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