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Codling Moth Trap

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by The Garden Marvel

Here is a recipe to trap the Codling Moth that causes wormy apples.
It is time to make these traps and set them out.  They are quiet effective
and non-toxic to humans and pets and is organic.

Wash the milk residue out of a 2-quart milk jug by putting several drops of dish washing liquid and a pint of hot water in the jug and sloshing it violently. Then rinse the jug out and cut large near top. There has been some success reported by painting the hole areas red or yellow.

Another hole on the opposite side allow, air currents to carry the attractant through your orchard, hopefully intercepting the Moths before they land on your trees. You may want to use 2 to 4 traps in each tree depending on the size of the tree.

1-cup Apple Cider Vinegar,

1/3-cup Dark Molasses,

1/8-teaspoon Ammonia,

6 drops of Dish Washing Liquid

Add enough water to make 1-1/2 quarts of Attractant.

1/4 cup of this Attractant is placed into the bottom of each trap. Rinse out and rebait monthly.


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Wonder Box Pattern

Go to “How to” tab above and then to “How to build a…..” and click on Wonder Box Pattern.  Then copy it.

Good luck!

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