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Meet the Utah Candidates Night

March 30, 2010 12:53 pm | No Comments

Friday, April 2, 2010 7:00 PM

Davis Applied Technology Center (DATC)

550 E. 300 S.
Kaysville, UT 84037

Our meeting this Friday will be a “Meet the Candidates Night”.  We will have candidates for Utah House of Representatives, County Commissioner, County Attorney, County Assessor, County Surveyor and Sheriff. This will be an excellent opportunity to get to know the candidates and ask them questions. Please spread the word to your friends and neighbors – ESPECIALLY THE COUNTY DELEGATES FROM YOUR PRECINCT.

The first part of the meeting will be with the candidates who affect all of Davis County. We will then break into Legislative Districts and meet with the candidates for Utah House of Representatives for our own districts. Please come knowing your legislative district number. (If you need help, please contact a member of the group’s leadership.)

Please note: We have had a change in location (for this meeting ONLY). We will be meeting at the DATC in Kaysville.

Learn more here:

This message was sent by Michele L. from The 9/12 Project: Davis County, Utah Chapter.

Emergency First Aid Postponed

March 23, 2010 9:57 am | No Comments

We will be pushing the 1st Aid class into April in order to free up your time tonight for attending your individual caucuses.  We encourage you to become involved with your political party (what ever it is).  We are in troubled times and it’s important that you be actively informed.

Emergency Preparedness

March 8, 2010 10:16 am | No Comments

We will focus on first aid in March.  Chris will hold a class on Tuesday March 23rd @ 7:00 PM on this topic.  We will let you know the location soon.  It will either be at the Ant Hill itself or at the Humpherys home.

Watch for updates!

Why LDS Women Stress

March 3, 2010 11:19 pm | No Comments

As Latter-day Saint women, we are practically obsessed with anxiously engaging ourselves in good causes. Maybe it’s subliminal.

Glancing through the hymnal last Sunday I noted that as sisters in Zion, we who are called to serve are all enlisted to go marching, marching forward because the world has need of willing men to all press on scattering sunshine. We wonder if we have done any good in the world today because we have been given much and want to do what is right, keep the commandments, press forward with the Saints, choose the right, and put our shoulders to the wheel going where He wants us to go. However, as the morning breaks high on the mountaintop, truth reflects upon our senses, and while we still believe that sweet is the work, we also realize that we have work enough to do ere the sun goes down.

And thus we ask Thee ere we part, where can we turn for peace?

After Armageddon is a documentary about what one can expect in a global disaster scenario.  It was broadcast on the Discovery Channel in February.  This documentary is a real eye opener that offers some insightful information.  It might help you make some important decisions in your preparedness planning.

Now you can watch it on YouTube and you can find the videos here…

This is why…

We had a ‘Ready Ant’ call in from New Mexico today asking about the group buy on the water barrels.  Unfortunately, this is only a local group buy, but anyone can set up their own group buy in their own area just like we did.


Call around to the various stores in your area that might offer the barrels to the public.  Strike a deal with them using the information on this site as your leverage on prices.  If you pick them up (rather than have them shipped) you should be able to work the same deal where ever you live.  It just takes a leader to gather in the wares for the many.

Good luck and bless you for your willingness to help others.  You’re a good “Ready Ant!”  Welcome to Ant Hill #6!

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