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This is a company in Orem.   You can go pick up your order so you don’t have to pay shipping.  Several people could coordinate the effort for pick-up.

This group buy will close 1/27/10.

Please have your money in before then.

Group Purchase Price ………… $32.00 per gallon,   $192.00 per case.

Normal Retail price …………………….. $50.00 per gallon,  $300.00 per case.

Each case contains 6 gallons.


Purchasing Method:
To place your order please call or email Jacob Meyers.  He accept checks, cash or money orders. A PayPal option is available for Credit Cards. Checks can be made out to him and mailed to:

Jacob Meyers
PO Box 268
Spring City UT, 84662

Email him your address and he will respond with a shipping and handling quote.
Will call is available at his home in Spring City, UT. If you live close by or will passing through it’s fine if you come pick up your order. Please make it clear to him by phone or email if that’s what you’d like to do and he can make arrangements.
Contact Him:
If you have any questions, concerns or would like to place your order feel free to email or call him.




* Pure Extra Virgin Olive Oil. Same high grade stuff we’ve offered before

* 36% off retail price.

* 10+ year shelf life.

* 1 gallon double-enameled, shock-resistant tins.


This group buy will close 1/27/10. Please have your money in before then.

Homer called olive oil “liquid gold” and in a food shortage situation like that in Europe after WW2 it was literally was worth its weight in gold. Paper currency, gold, silver, precious works of art and other priceless stones and heirlooms were worthless. A person could buy almost anything with a quart of cooking oil. The people’s bodies were starved for a source of fat. Cooking oil was used on nearly all their foods to lend flavor and needed fat content.
This oil is coming directly from the grower in Greece.  It us undiluted containing no hydrogenated oil unlike many of the ‘extra virgin, cold pressed olive oil’ found in local stores today that go rancid fairly quickly. This olive oil is used in many of the best gourmet restaurants across the country.
Cold pressed olive oil. No chemicals or additives
The container:
Warning!!!! Olive oil stored or sold in plastic containers is dangerous for your health. The plastic container reacts with the olive oil and leeching dangerous chemicals into the oil.  Our high quality oil, ‘the good stuff’, will be sold in one-gallon stackable tin cans. The ideal way to store olive oil is in glass bottle but tin is more ‘earthquake proof’.
Self Life:
Due to its high quality, it has a very long shelf life. If kept in a cool and dark storage area it will easily last for 10+ years. Our specialist has used olive oil from his food storage that is 30 years old. Due to its high quality and method of storage, it is still perfectly good.

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