50% off plus freight

The LDS church has purchased so many of these water bottles to send with the missionaries into foreign countries that this company is willing to sell any product on their site to LDS church groups and even LDS individuals at half price.  These are excellent products and are a good price for 72 hour kit items as well as general emergency supplies.

This bottle, for example:

Regular Price: $ 31.99 / each
YOUR PRICE: $17 (Includes sh/hd)
1-10303-28-HI-FC-Sey – 28oz Flip Top Filter Bottle, Advanced
The 28oz Seychelle Water Filtration Bottle provides great-tasting, fresh water wherever you are. Ideally suited for situations where the drinking water source is questionable or not disinfected, it comes with an attractive insulator sleeve.

I will be doing a group buy on July 30th.  If you are interested, please let me know by the 26th.  I’ll need a check for the exact amount by the 30th for you to be included in the group buy.  Watch this website for details and when you can pick up your orders.

To see more products go to:

Individual Purchases call Dick Parsons at 949-234-1999 Ext. 24
or email him at dickparsons@seychelle.com
Also sold at BYU Bookstore and on the LDS church website

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