Heirloom Garden Seeds

April 1, 2010 10:21 pm

Garden in a Can

This is an excellent option for emergency prep.  Please think about this opportunity.  It doesn’t matter whether you live in Texas, Pittsburgh, Utah or anywhere else.  This is a valuable thing to have in your plan and you don’t have to hunt to find this.  It’s a great price, too.



The Garden in a Can contains 16 varieties of easy to grow, non-Hybrid garden seeds. These varieties have been recommended by the Utah State University for short season climates, and contain enough seeds to plant 3/4 of an acre. These have been packaged especially for emergency preparedness and long shelf life.

Single Garden in a Can

Discounted Price: $37

Retail Price:        $45

Case of six, Garden in a Can. Get an additional $2.00 off.

Discounted price: $210 (Price per can $35)

Retail price:        $270  (Price per can $45)
Deadline 4/14/10

I need to have all orders and money collected by 4/14/10. Orders after 4/14/10 cannot receive the bulk discount. Sorry, but the orders must all be placed at once with my supplier to get the deal.

Garden in a Can

  • 16 popular garden vegetables
  • 100% Non-Hybrid, open pollinated seeds
  • Stored in re-usable & re-sealable bags
  • Triple – Layered foil packets sealed in can for extra protection
  • 4-5 year self life
  • Enough to plant 3/4 of an acre

Each Can Contains:

  • SWEET CORN. Golden Bantam. 5 oz.
  • ONION. Utah Sweet Spanish. 10 g.
  • SPINACH. Bloomsdale Long Standing. 10 g.
  • WINTER SQUASH. Waltham Butternut. 10 g.
  • SQUASH ZUCCHINI. Black Beauty. 10 g.
  • RADISH. Champion. 10 g.
  • TOMATO. Rutgers. 5 g.
  • SWISS CHARD. Lucullus. 10 g.
  • PEA. Lincoln. 5 oz.
  • BEET. Detroit Dark Red. 10 g.
  • CABBAGE. Golden Acre. 10 g.
  • LETTUCE. Barcarolle Romaine. 5 g.
  • CUCUMBER. Marketmore 76. 10 g.
  • CARROT. Scarlet Nantes. 10 g.
  • PEPPER. Yolo Wonder. 5 g.
  • POLE BEAN. Kentucky Wonder Brown. 5 oz.

A garden is a must for the serious preparedness minded person. Lets face it, a year supply of food storage will not be enough to cover all of the bodies nutritional needs. For healthy living the human body requires and craves the vitamins and nutritiants found in living foods like fruits and vegetables.

Further food storage is not the answer to a worst case scenario of famine. It is a bridge, or a stop gap that allows the prepared time they need to implement long term food harvesting plans, like planting a garden. In such a likely situation heaven forbid that the seeds stored up by the prepared person be of a hybrid variety. Why? Hybrid seeds do not reproduce. They are genetically engineered to be sterile. In a famine situation, where the gardener does not have the option of buying more seed year to year from the store, they must rely on their heirloom seeds to produce what they require to replant their garden indefinitely.

Heirloom seeds were once the standard, but as science has manipulated nature to produce bigger, sweeter, or seedless crops they are on their way to becoming extinct. Hybrid seeds have replaced heirloom seeds so extensively that they are rarely labeled as ‘hybrid’ in seed catalogs or on the seed packets sold in stores. This is terrible news for you and me, but for major seed producers of the world, a great business move. They ensure repeat customers returning to them year by year to buy more seed. What better way to control a population than by its food supply?

If you plan to buy seeds via catalog or by shopping at the local garden center you must specifically search for ‘heirloom’ seeds. Be prepared to pay twice as much for them vs. the hybrid varieties.

Shelf Life

Adequately dried seeds sealed in moisture barrier containers can be stored safely for 4 years at 65 – 70 degree temperature and much longer at lower temperatures. Each 6 degree drop in storage temperature may double the storage life of most seeds. Critical factors are temperature and moisture content. Store as cool as possible. Can should remain unsealed until ready for use. For best results store unopened can in a refrigerator or freezer. Keep out of sunlight.

Purchasing Method

To place your order please call or email me.

Phone: 435-817-0743

Email: jacob@poormansgear.com

Credit or Debit Cards

A PayPal option is available for Credit Cards, please email or call and I can process your order. Please be aware that PayPal charges a small fee to use their service.


I accept checks, cash or money orders.  Checks can be made out to me and mailed to:

Jacob Meyers

PO Box 268

Spring City UT, 84662


Will call is available at no charge at my home in Spring City, UT.


For 1-5 Cans inside the state of UT shipping is $6.00 each

For 1-5 Cans outside of state of UT shipping is $9.00 each

For Cases orders please contact me with your zip code for a UPS Ground Shipping Quote.

Jacob Meyers



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