Here’s a Voice of Warning: Prepare!

February 18, 2010 5:48 pm


  1. This is an excellent, to the point explanation as to why one should prepare for the coming storm. We will have to pay the piper as a nation and if we are ready, we will ride it out much easier than if we are not. I’m joining the ant colony!

  2. Glenn isn’t perfect, but after watching him almost every night for the last 3 years I can tell you that his heart is in the right place. He doesn’t lie intentionally. If he miss quotes, or finds out the information his staff has supplied isn’t correct he corrects it himself; live and on camera. He educates the public about the history of this country and where we are headed. There is no question that he loves America and loves the Lord. Perfect? No; but is the first to admit that! Puts his life on the line to help others? Yes, and doesn’t brag about doing so! His information is useful on being prepared, where others are hateful and do nothing to encourage such action. He serves a larger purpose as a voice of warning to many who would never otherwise be aware of the urgency to prepare themselves for what is yet to come.

  3. I’m sorry, I didn’t mean to offend with my comment. My impression was that this was a church/relief society website since we were getting emails from amy cooper about it. My heart is just sad by all the contention and hate in the world right now and I shouldn’t have voiced my opinion on someone’s personal web page. Many members look up to Glenn Beck and it wasn’t my place..sorry : )

  4. Dear littlethisandthat,
    Please don’t worry for a moment about expressing your opinion here or anywhere. There is no offense taken on my part and I love it when someone is involved enough in ANYTHING to speak out. Glenn Beck came from a rough background and has made some pretty amazing changes in his life to get where he is today, but not everyone likes him and that’s perfectly OK. I’ve just spent a fair amount of time comparing the different information streams available to us that actually tell us the truth and he keeps coming back as the most truthful and definitely the most entertaining to me; but that’s just my own stupid opinion, likes and dislikes. I appreciate someone taking any kind of a stand now days, so thank you. Please don’t be sorry or feel offended by me either. I understood that this was an open site for the sharing of information and ideas in and out of the ward. If we all agreed on everything there would be no need for such sites (I would suspect) and it wouldn’t be as much fun either. So keep up the good work ‘littlethisandthat’ and speak your mind. It only benefits us all!

  5. Let me chime in on this discussion if I may. I’m happy to see an exchange of opinions and ideas such as this take place on the site. As far as the colony is concerned, no one has been rude or out of line in expressing their opinions and we appreciate that. There’s no problem with sharing a point of view that’s different from another and ‘born2serve’ is right; if we all agreed on everything there would be no progress or improvements in our lives. Thank you both for sharing with us and we encourage such input. You’re both good little ants for contributing to the thinking process of this colony!

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