Tim Woolf Fireside – Clean Water

April 17, 2014 4:32 pm

Notes from a Tim Woolf Fireside

Tim Woolf is a Survival and Emergency Preparedness Expert


In the Honduras hurricane a few years ago, 9,000 people were killed. In the 5 weeks following the hurricane, 35,000 people died from bad water alone.

  • minimum of 14 gallons per person for 2 weeks is required and this is WAY too little! The body metabolism changes after a quake or disaster and you will need more to drink.
  • 14 gallons per week does not cover anything but drinking water. You will not be brushing your teeth or washing you hands with such a small amount.
  • You must use NEW containers. Plastic absorbs whatever was in it first and it will leach into your water. The preference is the blue water containers to control the growth of algae, which results from light.
    • Algae is green, but isn’t harmful, just unsightly. Green cool-aid will disguise it.
  • Rotate the water every year.
  • Do not store water containers on concrete floors or near anything like gas, paint, etc. as it will pick up the taste and could be harmful.
  • Any unclean water will need to be cleaned.
  • Methods suggested have been: Boil, filter, iodine, Clorox.
    • Boil: 22 minutes at full rolling boil. Requires a lot of fuel for fire.
    • Filter: Too slow for large quantities. Iodine: Now hard to get because of illegal substances being produced with it. Thus it is illegal to have a large amount.
    • Clorox: 72 year old technology. It was the only source of chlorine on the market for many years. 1 year from manufacture date all the chlorine has evaporated and is gone through the plastic. At 6 months old 75% of the chlorine is gone.
    • Best Plan: powdered chlorine found at a spa store. The kind used for swimming pools. Must be high concentrate (97% or more) with very little other ingredients. It takes 24 hours to work. Use about 1/8 teaspoon per 55 gallons. 14 teaspoon if real dirty water is used. Get the chlorine test kit and if there is free floating chlorine after 24 hours, then the water is clean to drink. To eliminate the chlorine taste, leave the lid off of the container for 24 hours and the chlorine taste will dissipate.

There is an instrument called a MSR (MIRX – Mirox) used by the military for water purification. It is about $150.00

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