Emergency Essentials February Special

February 2, 2011 1:39 pm


I wanted to let you know that Emergency Essentials Feb group special has some good freeze dried fruit on sale this month.  You just need to order the minimum amount to get the price and you get free shipping on all your order. Go here…
  • Freeze dried strawberries with min. of 12 makes them 13.00 each (reg. 18.00)
  • Freeze dried raspberries with a min. of 6 makes them 20.00 each (reg. 30.00)
  • Freeze dried celery with a min. of  6 makes them 12.00 (reg. 19.00)
  • Dehydrated green peppers with a min of 12 makes them 9.00 (reg. 15.00)
I did call them and tell them that I didn’t need 12 dehydrated green peppers and they said if I ordered 6, they would give me the better price.  So if you want some, but not sure if you need 12, call the customer phone line and ask.  You would probably need to order and few of the specials?

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